As part of the ProVest Group, we strive to achieve injury-free production by providing safe working environments for all our employees. We optimise the safety of our clients’ workplaces by ensuring that all our employees keep abreast of the latest safety standards and procedures. We will continue to manage and operate in the safest way possible by:

  • Implementing our uniquely designed Internal Safety System.
  • Placing the interest of our employees’ health and safety above all else.
  • Continuous training of our employees to carry out work accurately and safely, first time.
  • Adhering to all the safety requirements that our various clients have implemented.
  • Abiding by the regulations stipulated in the Mine Health and Safety Act.


At Platchro we take our responsibility towards safe work practices very seriously. In light of this we have implemented our own Safety Compliance System to ensure that we actively contribute to a Zero Harm environment.

Each site manager and supervisor compiles a safety plan roster for the month ahead. The plan features pre-determined safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In support of this, the Platchro Safety Department conducts monthly audits – both on surface and underground – to measure compliance. The results of the audit is communicated at the monthly ProVest Exco Meeting where effective solutions and actions are devised for any non-compliance.


ProVest Group of companies prides itself on the fact that it has its own internal safety and quality assurance function, staffed with a dedicated team of experts. We believe that all our employees must know and understand the top 5 workplace risks and, more importantly, how to mitigate those risks. We further place emphasis on ensuring that all our team members have a clear understanding of Section 22 and Section 23 of the Mine Health and Safety Act.

In addition, we promote bottom-up reporting at all times through formal incident reporting that is not used as a punishment tool, but rather used to compile a Pareto Analysis.